Dstm in an interview with 6AM Group


Nothing Normal with DSTM

DSTM tried being normal once, and it was the worst 2 minutes of his life. Nothing more need be said to set the tone for the eccentric masked techno maestro.

Not much is known about the mysterious man who at times can be seen wielding a baseball bat. But what we do know is that he knocks it out of the park when he steps up to the plate swinging around his techno.

With an upcoming album release slated for the end of April and a tour through Colombia set for later this August, DSTM sits down with SIX AM to slowly reveal his ideals hiding behind the mask.

Welcome back to 6AM, DSTM. We’ve covered a lot of your releases and even had you share your Guest Mix with us back in May of last year. Tell us what’s been new with you in 2023.

I’m so pleased to be back on 6AM as I treasure all of my past collaborations with you guys. 2023 has started in the best way possible: lots of traveling for gigs and full-time in the studio to prepare for my first album. Last month I did my first India tour ever and in August I will do my first Colombia tour, I will debut in…

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