Dstm talks about his project with the techno blogger Olga Godina


DSTM is a name and underground techno project that came from Italy.

Last November was very productive for him. The first place in the new best hard techno on a Beatport with the track “Private Secrets” and a new video “The Last Prototype is not Ready”.

Dear Dstm, great to meet you again after a short period. Cool that you are having more interesting projects, tell us please about your Suara release.

Hi Olga, my pleasure. I am very happy about my release on Suara, which is one of the biggest techno labels at the moment. My EP is faithful to my sound and my influences, with a high bpm and rave sound.

The new video “The Last Prototype is not Ready” is not part of the ‘Fight the System’ project, due to Covid19 which did not allow us to carry it out. Therefore I took the opportunity to reflect on the current situation, where everyone finds themselves alone. This challenge affects our confidence and so the masks fall.

 Your videos are often devoted to social topics that touch on violence in the world. Why do you think there is more violence in the world and how can we struggle for the truth?

I believe that at the moment there is a big negative force in the world, that overwhelms so many people every day. Basically, with my videos I invite people to reflect, to choose the good. If each of us would reflect even just one minute before making a negative gesture the world would be saved! It is from small gestures that great changes are generated over time.

2020 is coming to an end, what are your new goals for 2021?

The time we live in is critical and is putting us to the test. Despite everything I have tried not to stop, and I will continue to do so for the coming years. I’m preparing the launch of my new label “Dark Lessons”, I’m organizing new synergies with other artists, and much more. I hope, like everyone in my industry, that the clubs will re-open soon. In the meantime I say: whoever stops is lost or Dstm “Don’t Stop The Music”.

You have launched a series of gift cards. What people can buy with it?

The gift cards are useful to buy everything on my website, starting with music and ending with Dstm merchandising. An excellent gift idea for all techno lovers.

In photos, you are often in the Studio both in person and with well-known representatives of the techno scene. Are you planning some kind of cooperation, for example with Raffaele Attanasio?

Raffaele is a great friend of mine and a noteworthy artist. I often like to give him the name “Maestro” (master), both for his skills as a musician and for his influence in the techno scene. Soon we will have the pleasure of listening to a very special release of his work on Axis Records, Jeff Mills own label. At the moment we are pursuing different goals, Raffaele has been on the scene for years and is working hard on new solo projects. For collaboration, time will decide. The photo you mentioned was after we had a great pizza in my studio 🙂

What is the world of DSTM, what do you want to show with your music?

Dstm World is a space dedicated to the techno addicted or those who are just entering this world. The intention is certainly to be an inspiration to many, both musically and for the values that I like to instil by carrying on my riots. I hope to succeed in this. Music makes no sense if there is no heart at the base! My passion is certainly the driving force behind all this, the desire to be competitive and make my ideas grow, develop my dreams and visions. I’m a very stubborn person and I rarely let obstacles stop me along the way, I only see the goal and try to reach it with all possible determination.

Exclusive Interview for Dstm World by Techno Blogger “Olga Godina”