Interview with Gabi Morelli (THD+N)


Hi Gabi it is a pleasure to focus on your activities and projects.

First of all, congratulations on your Gomboc label, a modern pillar of techno for many releases now. How was this project born? And what do you have in store for the next releases?

Hello guys, thanks. The project was born 4 years ago as an incentive for us to release our own tracks. Also, labels are something I really admired as these entities put out the best-curated content so we started the journey. For this year we are having some groundbreaking releases like our GOMBWAX01 VA with Thomas Heckmann, Jerome Hill, Martyn Hare, and Paul Birken, 4 artists that I really admired back then and still do now. Honestly, I can’t believe they are joining the label.

 You have several aliases that you have been using for years. One of the latest projects is THD+N, an eclectic project, full of identity and originality. Tell us about its birth and evolution.

THD+N became a thing when we started exploring the dynamic between our production styles. My friend and I started this gathering while jamming and creating a distorted environment. Some of them are more club-friendly and many more experimental and industrial sounding. We gain a bit of visibily after our releases on Gomboc and Suara.

The next release has been announced under your aka THD+N, a real bomb! Also, along with the Dstm Remix, there will be a rework from VTSS. Use four words to describe the sound of the release.

“Our most technous form.”

How important is Music for you in this historical moment? And what expectations do you have for the future?

Music is almost my whole life in this and every minute of existence. Particularly it helped me stay up when the pandemic started and all my tours were cancelled. I just find that connecting with music is one of the most real things someone can experience. But the music we do and play is quite meant to be listened to in a sweaty club environment and personally I really miss feeling the subwoofer moving all that mass of air that is filled by the sweat and breath of all the ravers. I try to keep my expectations low as the hardest part has already happened but we are 10 days close to our Colombia Tour and the government is trying to put some new measurements so we don’t know…

Cheers! It’s been a pleasure