Premiere: Joaquin Ruiz – Other Perspective (INH003) [INHERENCIA]


Artist: Joaquin Ruiz
Title: Paranoia
Album: Other Perspective
Release date: 24.06.2021
Format: Digital
Buy link: inherencia.bandcamp.com


Joaquin Ruiz (1991) is a DJ/producer from the West Side of Buenos Aires.

He announces the upcoming Release of INHERENCIA inspired by the mental states he experienced during the pandemic. Other Perspective has a hypnotic and reflective side, without seeking the classic Four to the floor, finding a natural therapy reflected through the movement of particles through the sound immersed in oneself, looking for exits sometimes from a loop that torments our lives more than necessary. The EP has a minimalist but deep identity, without losing the rhythmic, entering sometimes in a state of Paranoia, The Remix by Lucas Vazz is a Hypnotic groove-driven breaky track spiced up with a recording of his voice. XHEI’s Remix has an industrial breaky groove immersed in a hypnotic atmosphere. The internal personal analysis in the face of a personal crisis has much Atmosphere and spaces, it does not seek the explosion, but the exploration.