Dstm – Chapter 1 [DLS001]

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Artist(s) Dstm
Label Dark Lessons
Featured /
Remixes by /
Cat. No. DLS001
Release Date 2021-01-26
Type EP
Format 12" Black Standard / Vinyl and Digital / MP3


  • 1.
    Page 1 (Original Mix)
  • 2.
    Page 2 (Original Mix)
  • 3.
    Page 3 (Original Mix)
  • 4.
    Page 4 (Original Mix)
  • 5.
    Page 5 (Original Mix)
  • 6.
    Page 6 (Original Mix)


Dark Lessons is a new vinyl + digital label dedicated to dark techno with a fusion of analogue sounds, industrial textures and breakbeat percussion.

Full of raw energy, the debut release on Dark Lessons comes from Dstm who in addition to his own self-titled label.
This hard-hitting six-track release is a spellbook that conjures sinister visions and dance floor destruction. Each track is a page from the conceptual book that’s essential for all disciples of the techno cult.

Blending ’90s influences with contemporary ideas and timeless sound design, this release of machine-driven techno delivers atmospheric grooves perfect for peak time spins.